Frequently Aked Questions

What is ‘Monkeys & Dragons’?

Monkeys & Dragons is an Indie Retro Adventure inspired by video game classics like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones or Simon the Sorcerer.

Monkeys & Dragons starts as Early Access title on Steam with three chapters ready to play. However, these three chapters do not conclude the story. Instead, the third chapters has an open end. Players can make suggestions how the story shall end and they will be able to vote online what ending they want to see in Monkeys & Dragons!

How can I contact you?

The easiest way to contact me is by writing my an e-mail. You can also send me a message on Twitter or write a comment on IndieDB or YouTube.

Can I make “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube or stream the game on Twitch?

Of course, you can! You are allowed to do as many videos or streams as you like. Please tell me, when you create any content with my video game, so I can watch you playing!

Does Monkeys & Dragons run on UNIX?

No. Monkeys & Dragons uses its own custom game engine which is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and the DirectX API and it uses many Windows API functions. Therefore, the game in its current state is not able to run on operating systems other than Microsoft Windows. A port to other platforms may come after the game’s release, if players want to have it.

Monkeys & Dragons